BY Luca Cometti

After working hard all off-season we have Finally made it to the first World Cup. The first race of the year always brings a lot of added stress and pressure with it, due to the fact that it has been almost 7 months since the last race. Luckily for the team, we were all able to come out to Barcelona a week early for a final team camp, to do some final testing, as well as getting rid of some jet lag. Unfortunately my hard drive died on me a few days after the race, so everything leading up to it has gone away. However, I did manage to still get some photos/videos on my phone and go pro.

After a week of good time spent together with the team, we headed out to Lourdes which is a pretty short 4:30 hours from Barcelona by car. The day we arrived, it appeared the weather was going to be good, but that was not the case. The night we arrived, it started to rain and it continued off and on throughout the whole weekend. Every day except for Sunday was extremely wet and slippery. Nik had it the worst, since he had an earlier practice then Dean and I and was up on track before the sun had a chance to dry out the track.

Lucky for us, Sunday we were greeted with blue sky’s as we woke up. We were all in good spirits and excited to finally get a break from the rain. Nik was the first one to do his run, and finished in a very impressive 3rd place, especially considering it was his first World Cup. I came down next, and ended up 48th, I had a good run, except for blowing a corner at the bottom that was crucial to carry speed out of, it would later be the corner that would take out Loic Bruni and prevent him from winning hisfirst world cup. Dean was the last of the team to come down, and was having a top 20 run until he had a huge over the bars in one of the last corners.

Nick and I are now back in Barcelona, while Dean left to go home for a week before we all meet up again for the next world cup in Cairns.