When we were planning our catalog shoot this year, we wanted a location that offered a variety of challenging terrain to showcase our bikes. And we wanted amazing scenery to go along with it. After consulting with our friends at Chainsaw Productions, we landed on some dates and the call went out to the crew. It was an amazing trip. We experienced all that the Tahoe region can offer…including two inches of much-needed rain! We thought we would share some of the outtakes from the shoot here.

Do yourself a favor: Head to Lake Tahoe sometime and seize the opportunity to explore. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to all who helped make this shoot a success. We couldn’t have done it without Luca Cometti, Claire Buchar, Chris Kovarik, Shaun Palmer, Warbs, Ray Syron (aka Junior), Waide Hoyt (aka Tiger), Brad and Jen Holmes, Drew Lederer, Backcountry Bikes in Truckee, and the Apallas family, who let us crash at their house!