By Factory Jackson

THE STORY OF INTENSE CYCLES I’ve always had a thing for Intense Cycles – they just have that thing going on that so many other bikes lack. On paper, over the years some of the bikes could be likened to Santa Cruz Bikes – similar suspension platforms; similar travel and intentions, and equally as attractive. But really quite different as a brand. Santa Cruz Bikes has always had that high-end refined feel – kind of like Ferrari if talking super cars. Smooth, stylish, loud and subtle at the same time. But Intense Cycles are a little more like Lamborghini. Fast; aggro; in your face and absolutely bad ass. Very much the galloping horse or the charging bull. With the recent launch of the stunning new Spider 275C, we thought we’d take you on a trip down memory lane with Jeff Steber, and tell you the story of Intense Cycles… Read the rest if the article here: