By Connor Macfarlane

Arriving by plane mid day Friday, with half a day of practice for the EWS gone already I was eager to get on my fresh rig and sample the trails, some of which were soon to turn to peanut butter, that we would be racing on Sunday. Come Sunday it was bucketing it down which for a handful of riders was a welcome sight, and, as the results show, a bunch of Kiwis ended up making the most of the conditions and their local knowledge, coming out with the top three spots! On ya Wyn, Matt and Eddie! Upon finishing the grueling 8 hour day out on course I saw a cluster of who I assumed were random people sheltering under the Wide Open/ Intense tents at the finish area. Wondering over I was soon to discover the Intense factor racing team, mechanic and staff from the HQ. Having never met them before they certainly made a good first impression, food and beer! Shortly after Intense factory racing all round shredder Jack Moir came in to finish an awesome 6th place in his second ever EWS!

The next few days were spent trying to shoot photos for deep summer and Wide Open Distributors, Intense and POC whilst also trying not to get drenched by the ever-persistent rain. Come Thursday the rain had stopped and...

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