From Luca Cometti

With a couple of days of travel and rest, I was able to get my sore back close to 100% by the time track walk day came around. After a week of sun in Scotland, our sunny trip to Europe would come to an end. Although the team and I arrived to sunny weather, as track day came around it was nothing but rain, rain and more rain.

Lucky for us, day one of practice we awoke to sun, and it stuck around all day. Due to how many open sections there were on track, it took no time for it to go almost completely back to dry again. Practice went well for Nik, Jack and I, we all stayed up right and had no mechanicals or major complications. However, with rain in the forecast, we knew that qualifying day was going to be a whole different story.

Just as was forecasted, the rain came down on qualifying day, and didn’t let up at all. Both Ivan and Ernest were hard at work trying to keep the bikes running as good as possible. I was feeling good in the muddy conditions in practice. For some reason it didn’t come together for me in my qualifying run. I road a descent first split, and started to get my flow going, but right past split one, in the first steep technical section I had a crash. I froze up right before I had to get high for a line over a slippery stump, and ended up washing my front wheel out trying to go around. I stumbled a few times trying to get up and from there on out I just road tight and slow. Once I crossed the finish line I knew there wasn’t a chance of me getting in. I headed back to the pits and all I could think of was the negatives. I was questioning why I was even on this team, why I dedicate all this training in the off season to show up and not qualify, and how I have managed to not qualify at 3 rounds in a row. It is easy to flood your body with all the negatives in the moment, but I tried to look at the bigger picture. I know I can qualify at every round if I can keep it up right and have a clean run, I know I have the speed to run in the top 30, I just need to have everything come together for me. While not qualifying is extremely frustrating, it has certainly fueled the fire for the final 3 rounds and I feel hungrier than ever to get a good result.

I’m back in California now and I’ll be training my ass off to try and come into Lenzerheide as strong and fast as possible. That was where I had my “break out” result last year and where my world cup career took off for me. I’ll be looking to improve on my 42nd from last year and try and crack into the top 30.