Fresh from a 3rd place in Crankworx Europe, Jack seats with his mechanic Ernest and had a chat about life, bikes, music and much more!

Our Australian rider Jack Moir is a guy who enjoys life, for him ”Every day is the weekend”. He loves to ride downhill, enduro and dirt, surfing, mx… and sometimes he does all of these in one day, so awesome! He spends the day listening to Mac Miller and pours BBQ sauce on all his meals. These past weeks I had the chance to live at his house, ride a lot and have tons of fun and I had the opportunity to interview him too.

E- Luck hasn’t been by your side lately, you've missed the first world cup this year in Lourdes (FRA) because of an injury... But you returned stronger and in a short period of time you did a top 40 in Cairns! I guess it has been difficult getting back up so quickly. Tell us a little how has been your return to racing and how do you see yourself for the next races?

J- It has definitely been a rough couple of years and it feels awesome to be getting back into the swing of things. I have been doing a lot of riding and training but not too much racing so it felt good to get a world cup completed, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season!

E- The next World Cup stop is in Fort William. Do you like the track?

J- Yeah I love Fort Bill, as long as its not too cold haha. It is nice and fast with a cool woods section at the bottom. I'm definitely a fan of longer tracks as well.

E- What is your favorite track of the whole World Cup circuit?


E- How do you define yourself as a rider?

J- I try to keep it as smooth as possible but that doesn't always work out, haha!

E- Goals for this season?

J- Get back into the swing of world cup racing, stay healthy, have fun and progress through the year, hopefully getting back to where I left off in 2014.

E- Who has been the person who inspired you the most?

J- All of the Aussie top dogs!

E- You’re very strong physically and when it comes the time to race no one can catch you. Can you tell us some tricks from your workouts or it’s a secret?

J- It must be the surfing!?

E- So who’s a better surfer you or your brother?

J- Big Brucey for sure!

E- Typical question, how many nicknames do you have and which one do you like the most?

J- Moi Moi is my only nickname I think...

E- BBQ sauce or Mac Miller? Difficult question, right?

J- Hmmmm not sure if you can really compare the two but I recently got on the aioli program anyway so I'm gonna have to say Mac.

E- Favorite food cooked by your mother?

J- can't beat a mumma moi roast!

E- Favorite Food not cooked by your mother?

J- Honey chicken or pizza.

E- Tell us a funny story about you that happened while traveling around the world.

J- In 2013 I travelled Europe in a little transit van with three mates. We picked up Deano from the airport and did an all nighter from Geneva to Andorra for the World Cup. We arrived at 4 am and had to somehow try sleep 5 of us in the van with all our bikes and gear. I snagged the floor while joey got the back seats. Deano got the floor in the front curled up around the gearstick and Dave Mcmillian got the front seats. There was virtually no more room for Luke so he slept on the roof of the van, haha!

Thanks for hosting a humble mechanic at home and I wish you the best for the season! Cheers bro!