Part 3

Reflecting on the trip I just took to Europe and Australia, it was a great time. The first World Cup I did was in Lourdes, France. The track was really fast and gnarly once it started to rain. A couple sections of the track were really slick from all the rain. But luckily by race day the weather cleared up and the track dried up a little bit. My race run was pretty conservative, I just wanted to keep it clean and make it down. There wasn't too much pedaling so it was all about hitting your lines and going fast. I was super stoked to get third at my first World Cup.

From France, we went back to Spain for a little bit of training and recovery, but straight from Spain we headed down under to Cairns, Australia for the second round of the World Cup! Cairns is a super cool place with lots of crazy snakes, spiders, and even stinging trees! We got there a couple days early and got to relax and enjoy the warm weather and great views. But once we walked the track, it was all game on from there.

The track was all about carrying speed through corners and pedaling super hard. The track had some tight corners at the top, a gnarly rock garden, a couple fast sections with some big jumps, a really cool whoop section, lots of roots at the bottom, and then the famous sprint at the end. So all in all the track had a little bit of everything. The weather was great everyday until the first day of practice and then it started to rain.

The first day of practice and qualifying the track was pretty tacky but just a few sections were really slick. Luckily by race day the track dried up and was running really fast. I came down in the hot seat but got knocked down to sixth as riders came down. So I was pretty happy with how the first two world cups went. Going into the third race slotted in third overall is right where I want to be. The bike was working great at both the races thanks to Ivan and Ernest. Thanks to Bernat Guardia and Carmen Herrero for letting me stay with you guys while training for the first two World Cups. And thanks to everyone at Intense Cycles and all our sponsors for supporting me while I chase my dreams!

Photos by Carmen Herrero