Intense has has a long-time partnership with Incycle, and we're proud to be a part of their downhill program. Here's a look at the riders that make up the Incycle Race Team.


"I started riding DH when i was about 12. I would like the world to know me as a downhill racer and also as a hard working person trying to make my dream into my career."

2015 Sea Otter Classic - 3rd
2015 Fontana Race #2 - 3rd
2015 Fontana Race #3 - 2nd


"I started racing in 2009, I was only 12 years old. I didn't have any prior biking or moto back ground. I have been on a few grassroots level bikeshop teams in the past. Prior to joining the Incycle Race Team in 2015. I had only competed in local races. After joining we immediately started traveling out of state and even out of the country! That was amazing and a huge stepping stone in my racing career. My 2015 race season was a tuff one. I tore my PCL in my knee in February. I recovered from that in 2 months and then broke my finger and wrist in late July. With barley enough to time to recover the team and I hopped on a plane for World Champs!"

2015 Mob-N-Mojave - 3rd
2015 Mountain Creek Spring Classic - 7th
2015 US National Championships - 5th

Bruce Klein

"The first time I had ridden a mountain bike was in 2011 and I was instantly hooked. I competed in a few BMX races here and there in 2011 but my first competitive year of mountain bike racing was 2012 in the local racing series. I was given the support of a local bike shop team, at the beginning of 2013 to experience more racing in the local series and begin the pursuit of a racing career. I began traveling outside of the California in higher tier races throughout 2014 and had a consistent year on the podium. I was put on a program that encouraged my progression as well as the passion of the sport which took me to my first tastes of victory and made me want to work harder and harder in order to stay on the top. I continued the consistency into 2015 in which I competed at the highest national and international levels, finished the year nationally ranked, and represented the USA in the UCI DH World Championships."

2015 UCI DHI World Championships Vallnord, Andorra - 12th
2015 2015 UCI DHI #6 Windham, NY - 11th
2015 UCI DHI #5 Mont-Sainte-Anne, CAN - 20th


"I got my first DH bike in December of 2011 and then started racing in 2012. I prefer riding motocross as much as possible because it has great training techniques. I raced for KHS bicycles in the past for 2 years and then moved to the Incycle Race Team. I would like the world to know that I do not race for results, but for the passion of the sport. Everyday I enjoy life because I have racing in it. "