Nik Nestoroff writes in with part II of his Euro Adventure

Nik here. Been in Europe for about three weeks now! Really loving the culture and the way of life of here. The riding is incredible and the food is great! I have about a week or so left until we leave for the first World Cup of the season in Lourdes, France. Which is not too far from here in Barcelona.

The past 3 weeks have been a blast. Did a race, been training really hard, and most important, I’m learning tons as well. We have been doing lots of testing and the M16 Carbon is in tip top shape for the season. We have also been going to La Poma Bikepark, which is loads of fun. The jumps, skatepark, slalom track and even the pumptrack are some of the best I’ve ridden.

The rest of the Team should be arriving in a couple days. Super stoked to ride with them since it’s been over 2 months since we’ve all been together. The first World Cup trip this year will consist of the first stop in France and the second one in Cairns, Australia. So it will be rad goind to Dean and Jack’s home country for a World Cup. That’s all for now! Adiós!