Nik Nestoroff landed for the first time in his life in Europe last week.

This past weekend, the National Spanish opener race took place, in a legendary spot, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona. Legendary because they’ve been helding this race since 1994!

A lot of top riders from the World Cup circuit as usual showed up for this race, like Danny Hart, Matthew Simmonds, Marc Beaumont, Cedric Gracia, Remi Thirion, Laurie Greenland… and everyone was hungry for victory, as Bernat Guardia has been reigining this race for 5 years in a row and now the top spot was empty.

Nik finished 2nd junior in a really close fight with the french rider Vige Gaetan, this’ll be a fight like Palmer and Vouilloz had back in the day? Time will tell… the gap was less than half a second between these two.

Nik, who has travel overseas for the first time was excited with the race: “Coming overseas for my first time has been a blast so far. I had the chance to race in Sant Andreu, Spain for the Spanish National Opener. The track in Sant Andreu was really fun. By race day it was fast and dry which made for some great racing. The crowd at the race was amazing. They were all going mental for every rider coming into the finish line jumps. It was really cool too see how excited they were watching everyone shred. It was one of the biggest crowds I've seen at a National race. My M16C was riding awesome all weekend! Thanks to Intense Cycles, and to Bernat Guardia and Carmen Herrero for letting me stay with them before the World Cups!”

Next stop is the first World Cup of the season in Lourdes, France. Stay tuned for more of Nik Nestoroff’s Europe Adventure.