I've been flat out here in the land down under the last few months racing, coaching, training my bike has taken me to some pretty rad places, check it out!

So last month I was down on the Gold Coast in QLD coaching when my old racing buddy Nathan Rennie calls me up. He says he has a few things he needs a hand with around his house, one being some concreting around the front of his house so I agreed to give him a hand. The concrete goes in and we're scattering to get it in and spread but we manage it in the end with a cold beer or 2. Not bad for some crusty mtbikers!

The weekends I usually leave free but every weekday I'm on the computer answering emails getting it done so I always allow myself time to get out and ride or do some sort of work out to keep sane and enjoy the outdoors. One ride I usually do is up the Sunshine Coast at a place called Tewantin. The track is fast, flowy, and sandy with some nice new man-made berms, jumps, and rollers. It's one of my favourites and I usually do a good hour and half loop out here. From there I drove back down south and met my cousin Brendan Kovarik and mate Darryn at Bribe Island, we drove out onto the beach for a swim and a few yarns.

The weekend coming I organised a DH ride day with a group of friends and cousins of mine all who I helped get on board an Intense DH bike somehow. I have 2 cousins, Brendan and Scott, who I handed down old M9's to. I have 2 mates I handed down 2 M9 EVO's. These EVO's never went into production so they are kinda special. Anyway, we all shredded out at the Boomerang Farm on the Gold Coast. In between the freeride jump line and the DH line there was smiles for days. So good!

The weekend after I had a coaching session booked with Mark Lawyer. Mark is in his mid 50's and still kicking ass on his DH bike. Not bad for a guy who only started riding 10 years ago. Mark has an old M6 which is still going strong which brought back some old memories. We then laid down a few laps to warm up before getting into sessioning a few skills and drills for the afternoon. Well... I got to teach an old dog new tricks. Cheers, Mark!

This weekend just gone was a round of the Australian National Downhill Series in Toowoomba, QLD, which is only a 2 hour drive from where I live so it was a no brainer to race. The track is fast, loose, and most of the time dry and dusty and always tricky to race. The field was not the biggest but did have some world cup presence with Jared Graves (local track), Riches Rude, Cody Kelly, National Series Leader Graeme Mudd, and Tom Crimmins to name a few. I had to play my cards right for this race.

Seeding on the Saturday got off to a tight start as I was up the road about to adjust my fork legs when I hear "Chris one minute to go" so I drop everything and pin it to the start line. 30 seconds to go I just had enough time to get goggles on but no gloves. Seeded 11th place, 8 seconds of Graves in 1st, a lot of work to do.

Sunday for the final I'm pumped and feeling good. Race run started off on the edge but the dry conditions caught me out a couple of times losing a second or 2 in a couple blown out turns that I hit too fast. I put down the pedals and made a little time at the bottom to knock off 5 seconds from my seeding time to put me in 4th on the day. Stoked with that!

Untill next time keep roosting!