Nik is this little kid that can’t stop for a second, eats a lot and ride bikes faster than you.

B- So Nik talking about the Team Camp we had a few weeks ago. How many eggs can you eat during a single day? I only remember buying and buying dozens of eggs every day and all your team mates were pointing at you when I was like “Where the f*** are all the eggs?”.

N - Yeah I do eat loads of food, I have a lot of eggs and potatoes for breakfast, but I think the most eggs I've had in one day is somewhere around 10, haha!

B - How many nicknames do you have? Like seriously? I’ve heard so many…

N - Yeah for some reason people are just always calling me different nicknames. I've heard Nasty Nik, Nitro Nik, Lil Nikki, Sik Nik, but yeah lots of nicknames keep coming in, haha!

B - Who’s faster than you in the team?

N - Everyone is really fast on the team and we all do things a little differently so I think throughout the whole year we’ll be able to learn from each other and feed off each other, but we have some bets going for whatever rider is the slowest at a race.

B - Good times with the Steber family, right? Do you “hang” a lot with Hank from Breaking Bad?

N- Yeah the whole team just recently went over to the Steberelli household and Jenn and Jeff told us that their friend was Hank, the cop from breaking bad so we went over there and probably annoyed him but we had a lot of questions for him, haha!

B - Do you like extreme sports? Like riding scooter carts in Walmart? You little kid...

N - I do like extreme sports like going to Walmart and having scooter derby races

B - One of all times hero and legend, Shaun Palmer, has been your mentor. What’s that bet between you and him for this year?

N - Yeah Palm Daddy helped me out a ton last year with everything that goes into racing. But yeah he said if I win the World Cup junior overall he will buy me a Cadillac.

B - Talking about the Team. Can you name all your team mates?

- Dean Lucas (Aussie)
- Jack Moir (Aussie)
- Luca Cometti (Mexican)
- Bernat Guardia (Spain)
- Ivan Jimenez (Mexican)

B - And who’s your favorite Mexican from the Team?

N - Ivan is my favorite Mexican .

B - You’re moving to Barcelona, to my home, you better be clean and cook good meals everyday. How many words can you say in Spanish?

N - Yeah really stoked to have the opportunity to go to Barcelona and train and get ready for the season, but I can say maybe “cero" words in Spanish, haha!

B - Cool man! Looking forward to have you around and help you with your training and racing!


Photocredit. Carmen Herrero.