An action packed Autumn of rebalancing and powering up at home has all too quickly taken us into the realities of winter in New England. Daylight is scarce now and Freezing weather is the norm, compromising our outdoor training opportunities but leaving us with more time to plan and prepare for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the fall Mary and I have been developing our team program to incorporate all that we need to meet the challenges ahead with the best advantage as we put together a race calendar that will incorporate a return to international racing on many fronts.

Mary's continued dedication to the XC side of the sport will take us on an incredible mission right from the start of the early season. Her passion for XC competition has recently been re invigorated by her nomination to the US Olympic Long Team - an eight woman squad from which USA Cycling will select two representatives to compete for the USA at the Rio Olympics next August.

No doubt that a trip to the Olympics is highly coveted by athletes in any sport and battling for her third Olympic bid will be no easy task. Mary is hopeful and motivated to give her best effort in embracing this amazing opportunity. The reality of her being 44 years old surely adds to the inspiration and excitement of this endeavor. We know of course there are no guarantees, but perhaps more importantly we know that just in choosing to follow this path will put us out there, and this journey of striving to be our best is reason enough to go for it!

Alongside the Cross Country Mary and I are really happy to be able to continue to stock our schedule with a diversity of events. This will have us following our passion for riding dirt and following the evolution of the sport into stage racing, enduro, and the type of competitions that inspire us and are calling from all directions.

Coming up is our return to Chile where we will continue our training, and soon take part in the eighth running of the The Trans Andes Challenge. This epic 6 day mountain bike race in Patagonia has become the preferred start to our racing and season and after 7 years in attendance Mary and I are still looking at it with the anticipation and excitement of our first go round. The TAC is a tremendous event that is part epic bike race, part exotic adventure with a huge group of like minded folks, making it a truly special experience.

Hope you too are getting ready, set and going to meet your next adventure with balance, vigor and health!

Here's to making 2016 great!