3 weeks ago I went on a 2 week road trip down south racing/riding and to visit a couple Intense dealers along the way. I had a little surprise for these guys as most hadn't seen an M16C in the flesh yet.

So after some racing, riding, a few shop visits I left melbourne and headed back up to Canberra for the 2nd round of the Aussie DH National Series. As some may know Mt Stromlo held a world cup and a world championships in the recent past. The track isn't the longest, but has enough difficulty to keep any rider on their toes.

Conditions were dry and dusty and a few worn out corners were getting blown out and hard to hold speed, so it's always been a bit of a tricky course this one so i wanted to do well. Practice went well the first 2 days, I put on new tyres for the race day; a semi slick for the rear for the long pedal at the finish and it paid off with a podium. Intense factory rider Jack moor 1st, 2 seconds back graeme mudd 2nd myself 3rd on the same second as 2nd place.

From Canberra myself, young up and coming stars Remy Morton and Jack Moir headed up to Newcastle for 2 days riding. Young gun Joel Willis was a great mate letting us both stay at his house. We got to ride some of Jack's local trails just south of Newcastle which were basically all moto bush loops, so fun!

So from there the last stop was in my home town area Brisbane, I drop into For The Riders who have been supporting me since day one and they also recently have agreed to be another Intense dealer. Timmy Mcullough and Michael Geale the owners we not in but store manager and old racing buddy Luke Wolfik helped me out. FTR is awaiting a fleet of Intense bikes to stock their floor but does have a demo bike in store at the moment for any one to shred!

5200Kms later I'm back at home and have taken a bit of a break over xmas to hang with family and friends.

Over the last week I've been hitting the trails and doing some DH runs, last weekend a group of us all went our 4x4ing in the famous glasshouse mountains, it was great get a little wild in my 4x4 and to push it to the edge and test out my new suspension.

Untill next month, ride hard!