Mike and I have truly been appreciating the past few months at home here in Massachusetts; feeling rejuvenated being near the ocean and our sweet hometown trails. The short days never seem long enough as we continue to focus on balancing and building fitness, maintaining health, alongside planning and organizing our life/team program for the future, but we are both grateful and really excited to get into another race season…

A little news: I recently found out that I have been selected to the US Olympic Long team!!! I am honored and motivated to be one of eight US women who made this preliminary selection for the Games (in Rio next August). Only 2 women will be chosen from this group… SO, yes, it will be difficult to make the final selection for my 3rd Olympic games... but the opportunity is in front of us and I am ready to just GO for it! Preparing fitness and our schedule to be ready to rock at the races that count. SO stoked to have such an awesome crew behind us!

We are heading down to Chile, leaving Monday (Jan 11), excited for the training and racing opportunities down there until we start the world cups this Spring… We are finally narrowing down our race schedule as our goals and focus becomes clear.