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Tracer Owners Manual
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Recluse Owners Manual
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Carbine 29C
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M16 Palmer
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Spider 275A
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Spider 275C
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Spider 29C
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Tracer 275C DVO
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Tracer 275A
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Tracer 275C
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Tracer 275 Palmer
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951 EVO
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Carbine 275
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Carbine 29C
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Hard Eddie
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Spider 29C
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951 EVO
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Carbine 275
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Carbine 29C
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Hard Eddie
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Spider 29C
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Where can I find the serial number on my frame?

For alloy bikes, the SN is located on the bottom of the bottom bracket . For CARBON bikes, it is on the back of the seat tube.

What type of grease should I use in my box link?

Waterproof marine grease. We use Maxima All Purpose grease.

What size is my seatpost?


What fork offset do you recommend for our 29er bikes?

All Intense 29ers use a 51mm offset.

Should I use carbon assembly paste?

Only for the seatpost, handlebar, stem, and clamp area.

Is grease safe for my carbon frame?


I purchased a used Intense bike. Can I still use the warranty?

Intense warranty extends to the original owner only, However we have programs in place to help you get back on your bike. Please contact customer service to find out more.

How do I get sponsored by Intense?
Intense has many different levels of sponsorship. Please fill out the Ambassador Application.
How do I adjust my travel?

The "TOP HOLE" is the longer travel, "BOTTOM HOLE" is the shorter travel

Does this affect my BB or head angle height?


Can I store my Intense upside down?

Storing your bike upsidedown is not recommended, as this could affect the brakes and oil flow.

Can I pick my build kit?

No, we have spec'ed what we feel is the best equipment suited to the bikes.

Can I hang my bike by the seat with a dropper post?

If you hang your bike by the seat, make sure your dropper post is fully extended.

Can I convert my 26" Intense to 27.5"?

No. We make our rear triangles as short as possible, so there is no room for a bigger tire.

Can I buy direct from Intense?

Intense sells ONLY through our authorized dealers. Please check our dealer locator for a store near you.

Are rear triangles interchangeable?

No, this is not recommended.