M16 Palmer

  • Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Palmer Red, White, and Blue
M16 Palmer Limited Edition Profile View M16 Palmer Limited Edition 45 degree View

Here is the 2016 version of Shaun Palmer’s 1996 M1, which Shaun himself refers to as “the world’s most famous 2nd place bike”. After only 18 months in the sport, Shaun finished 2nd at the Cairns, Australia World Championships on his USA-flag painted Intense M1.

Now 20 years later, he has re-joined Intense and created today’s version of the legendary stars-and-stripes bike: a hand-painted, custom-spec’d M16. We will produce 60 of these complete bikes, as pictured, including Fox suspension, Magura brakes, e-thirteen carbon cranksets, Renthal cockpit.

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