Nik’s Euro Adventure: Part IV

Early June I flew back to Europe for round 3 and 4 of the World Cup and this is my story.

Fort William was definitely one of the best tracks I have ever ridden. It had fast open corners, tight technical corners, big jumps, root sections, chunky rock gardens, basically everything you need to have a world class track. Unfortunately Dean couldn't be there because of an ankle injury but it was great to see Jack back in action and Luca there shredding. I had a good couple days of practice and ended up qualifying 7th. Had a few things I needed to clean up for finals the next morning and everything would be sweet! Ivan and Ernest got all the bikes working smooth and fast! Race day practice went great and I was getting pumped to race. Put in a good warm up at the top and dropped in for my race run. Had a sweet run with only a few mistakes. Ended up 6th. Happy with that considering it was my first time at Ft Bill. Then we packed up and flew to Austria.

Leogang kinda mixed things up for us. Track walk day, it was really wet and rainy. Was a little nervous to get on track. Then the next day which was the first day of practice, the track was a little greasy at first but then dried up a bit and was almost perfect. Woke up the next day for qualifying and it was raining, but I was stoked to get up on the hill. Ended up qualifying 5th so I was pretty pleased with that. Went up for a track walk and got all my lines sorted. Woke up race day and it was raining pretty hard. Practice was insanely slippery and I had lots of sketchy moments but was still positive for the race. I Was really nervous before my race because I just wasn't sure what condition the track would be in, because it seemed like it dried up quite a bit from practice. I had a pretty good race run and ended up I was happy with how I finished.

I was super stoked to have Shaun Palmer at the World Cups. He got me on Intense and helps me out so much with making sure I'm confident in myself. Can't thank Bernat Guardia enough for making sure everything runs smoothly between all the logistics and traveling and what not. Ivan and Ernest did an awesome job keeping our bikes working great with all the dry and wet days of racing. Stoked on all the photos Carmen took. And I can't thank all of our sponsors and Intense Cycles enough for supporting the team!