Hi everyone,

It's great to be back home in OZ and I'm back in the swing of things.

Over the last 3 weeks in the country I've been on my bike both the new Tracer 275 and the Carbine 29'er everyday and loving it. I've come home to some local trails being re-vamped with more flowy sections, jumps and new trails in general. Loving it!
Ive also been doing a little coaching its slowly picking up again here in the land down under. I mainly cater for the trail bikes here as downhill is a little more complicated as we don't have the luxury of chairlifts 24/7 as Whistler does (ha!), but that doesn't stop us having a ball thrashing my truck up the fire road sideways!

I recently bought a new van here to help with promote our program and sponsors. It will be eventually wrapped and decked out with a rear 3 seater bench seat, side sliding windows, and a built in bike rack to hold 6 bikes. It will be a valuable tool during racing/coaching/ Intense dealer shop visits and demo days.

Last week I ventured out into snake infested woods of Bunya Forest to capture a few pics for a Maxxis ad with my good friend Dwayne Bridgeland. As always, photographers are perfectionists and Dwayne wouldn't let me go untill he got the lighting and flashes right and got the right shot, we were stoked! This was used for the Maxxis tyres FB page you can see here-https://www.facebook.com/kwtmaxxis/?fref=ts

Until next time, ride on!