JS Tuned is a refined suspension system, designed to work with each individual Intense bike model to optimize its individual kinematics, geometry, wheel size, drivetrain and component spec. The system is a culmination of the real world experience of the Intense Cycles founder and designer Jeff Steber, the Intense engineering team, the Factory Team riders and other experienced brand test pilots.

How It Works

JS Tuned uses two short, counter-rotating links that offer the ability to fine-tune shock rates and wheel path in perfect harmony to create a balanced, active suspension system that climbs and accelerates as well as the system descends.

Key points of JS Tuned:

1 : Efficiency

A compact, integrated system that not only provides ride efficiency but also offers strength, stiffness and manufacturability with the added bonus of being low-maintenance

2 : Segment Specific

Each model’s suspension is fine tuned with a top-quality platform, designed to create world-class segment leaders whether aimed at XC/ light Trail, Trail / Enduro or DH.

3 : Balanced Braking

The counter-rotating links achieve a balance of traction and stability under braking forces with minimal impact to the bike’s geometry.

4 : Balanced Pedal Forces

Counter-rotating links allow flexibility in shock rates and wheel path to create a refined balanced platform that climbs & accelerates as well it descends.

5 : Structural Integrity

The JS Tunes structural integrity is superior due to the combination of short, stiff links and unified rear triangle, combined with large 15mm collet bolts and angular-contact bearings.

6 : Low Maintenance

Easy to replace, high quality, angular-contact bearing with grease ports along with 15mm Collet bolt system.