Asked by Team Junior, Nik Nestoroff

N - Dean Lucas, fresh off a 4th place finish at the 2016 Australia National Champs, just arrived to Europe to get ready for the first World Cups of the season. I had to chance to sit down and shoot him a few questions while he laid on the couch jetlagged.

How did this off-season go? Did you switch up your routine at all after coming off your best season yet?

D - My off-season ended up being quite eventful, obviously the team change was a big move for me and right towards the end of finalising everything I ended up breaking my wrist at a local race, the timing was the worst it could have been and messed with my head a fair bit starting on a bad note with the team. I ended up having a fair bit of time off the bike and my fitness dropped off more then I would have liked and struggled with it when I first got back on the bike. I knew I had to change up my program and decided to get a new coach that I could work with closer to home, after training with him on and off the bike I could see myself improving and pushing myself more then I have in the past and it has defiantly put me in a good mindset going into the first World Cups.

N - Favorite non alchoholic drink? Favorite alchoholic drink?

D - Vanilla milkshake. Captain Morgan and coke.

N - So last season, you ended up with an incredible 12th overall in the DH World Cup and with a 3rd place finish at the fourth round in Switzerland. Did you come into last season with expectations of doing that well?

D - It was honestly a shock to me to end up were I did, I know I’ve had the speed at World Cups to be up there but could just never put it together until last season. The 3rd place took me by surprise as well as my best result before then was a 18th, just seemed like a massive jump that you don’t see many people do, so yeah the whole season was a bit of a shock but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do now I’ve got the confidence.

N - Favorite movie? And why?

D - Too many to think of but Step Brothers would be up there.

N - What is your favorite World Cup track on the 2016 schedule?

D - Lourdes!

N - Favorite food?

D - Burrito.

N - Any interesting facts about Dean Lucas you want to tell the people?

D - I have two cats that sleep on the end of my bed during the night.

N - Any pre-race superstitions?

D - Nah non.

N - Favorite thing to do after you have a great race?

D - Normally hit the bar with the boys and see were the night takes me.

N - List all the nicknames you have.

D - Grub, Deo, Deano, Deanos, Deanos Machineos, Splat Rankin, Dane.

N - Favorite thing about your team mates?

D - Just that we’re all around the same age and all have a lot of energy so everyone’s always for doing something and just messing around.

N - How often do you Netflix and chill?

D - Well I don’t have Netflix so just when I go over to my girlfriend’s.

N - What are your expectations coming into the 2016 season?

D - Get back on the podium again and end up in the top 10 for the overall.

N - What Intense bikes are you riding?

D - I’m currently racing the new M16 carbon for this year’s World Cups and for training I’m on a Tracer 27.5 and a Carbine 29er. Since I’ve been on the M16 I’ve noticed how well it can deal with high speed rough tracks and can’t wait to get it to the World Cups. The tracer and carbine are super light and so easy to throw around on the trails and slap into turns and I end up just having a smile on my face the whole time I’m riding them both.

N - Okay Dean, wish you the best of luck in 2016 and hope to see you on the podium! Would you like to thank anyone?

D - Jenn Gabrielli (cuddles) for being an awesome boss, Carmen Herrero and Bernat Guardia for putting up with my shit. Ivan Jimenez for starting me down the Intense path. Carson Jory and Joben Baldwin for coaching and training me and just everyone else that’s been supporting me over the years!