Hey everyone,

How is it going? As you may know, I did my last race ever as a professional last week at the World Championships in Andorra. My retirement decision hasn't been easy, but I'd never thought it would be that special. You can’t imagine how many things can go through my head during my final run time of 4:42.638s.

So many memories came to my mind. I remember the day they took the training wheels of my bike, I remember the feeling of handling a bike for the first time. I remember how many times my mom took me to the local shop to change the tires of our bikes, because I was skidding all day long. I remember my first mtb, the first rides with my brother and friends, my first mtb race and my first podium. I remember the first time I rode a downhill bike and I remember the first downhill bike my parents bought me. I remember my first downhill race in 1997, my first World Championships in 2000. I remember the first sponsor, the first professional contract, the first Top 10, the first time I rode the Intense M16 Carbon and my last World Cup race along with my wife Carmen.

Thanks mtb for making me feel so special. For the speed, for the freedom, for the hours in the mountains. For the victories and the defeats. For the friendships, for the shared moments, for the places you’ve taken me. Without a doubt you’ve been my passion, my friend and my motivation.

I’ve met so many people that I could easily fill a book only with names. Thanks to everyone, to each and every one of you who have been around me during all these years and that in some way have shared my passion. Thanks to everyone related in the mtb culture and to the downhill scene. Thanks family, friends, riders, mechanics, trainers, photographers, filmers, brands, engineers, designers, magazines, websites, team managers, organizers, sponsors, doctors, physiotherapists, marshals, amateurs, fans… without you, nothing of these could have been possible. THANK YOU!

This is not a farewell letter, it’s a see you soon. I won’t be racing anymore, but I’ll be riding more than ever, enjoying what I’ve always loved. Now new challenges await me. I’ll be involved with the brand I’ve always dreamed to race for since I was a little kid, and working at the Intense Factory Racing team. INTENSE FOR LIFE!

See you all in the mountains! Thanks for everything, you’re awesome!