By Luca Cometti

Coming into the final World Cup of the season in Andorra, Jack, Nik and I decided to go to Morzine for a week before to do some training on tracks that were nearly identical to Andorra. Drift Accommodations got us all dialed in with some cheap lodging just a quick 5-minute ride to the lift which worked out great since we didn't have a car. The week in Morzine was a polar opposite to the muddy conditions they had seen most of their summer. We had 5 straight days of sun, with only one afternoon that brought a quick 30-minute rain. Lucky for us, this directly reflected the conditions we had in Andorra. Sunny, dry, and dusty.

Last year at World Championships was nothing but cold weather, and loads of rain. This year would be the complete opposite, the track progressively deteriorated from not having enough moisture in the ground. The track started to fall apart with each day of riding, which made line choice crucial if you didn't want to end up on a line that would take you off track or eat up your front wheel and pitch you over the bars. The mood was at an all-time high with good weather and a great track. Unfortunately, that was soon to be cut short for me, I had a crash after the final split that flatted my front tire in the progress and didn't give me the chance to push hard to the finish after my crash. Luckily for the rest of the team, they all made it through. Dean crashed in the corner above where I crashed but luckily was able to squeak into a 70th place qualifier to make Saturdays final. Luck for Jack and Nik, they were able to get down without any major issues and both into good positions for Satuday’s final. Jack carried his good luck into finals, and cracked his first top 10 of the season, even after needing to do a re-run, do to a down rider in front of him. Dean came down clean and safe with a top 50 finisher and Nik ended up placing good enough to secure his 5th overall for the season!

I have been stricken with some rough luck this season, with a mechanical or a crash at nearly every round. I'll be working hard this offseason to improve my speed and endurance and come back stronger and more confident than ever next season. Until then, thanks for keeping up to date with my blogs over the whole season, and best of luck to the whole team at World Champs in Val Di Sole, which I will unfortunately be missing since I was not selected. Kill it guys!